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V One Multimedia offers an ever-growing family of top-quality MPEG digital video products and accessories for both business and home users. Click on any of the following pictures for more information.

Snazzi* DV AVIO Snazzi* DV AVIO (New)    
  • Create AV/DV in DV, AVI MEPG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, WMV, and Div X formats.
  • Create Hollywood style DVD with Menu
  • Produce VCD, SVCD, MPEG-4 and Div X
  • Create Movie with Special Effects like Voice-Over, Transctions, Scrolling Title and Music
  • Output to DV Camcorder, VCR, TV and Project More
  Snazzi* DV AVIO
Snazzi* IV PCI Snazzi* IV PCI (New)    
  • Record & Playback MPEG-2, MPEG-1.
  • Pause & Resume VIdeo During Recording
  • Capture to Pre-Defined Duration or File Size
  • Daily, Weekly Multimple Schdule Recording
  • DVD Quality Video Out to TV/ VCR Projector
  • Video Gallery & Playback Sequencer
  • Multi-Format Hardware Codec with AV Synch
  • I-Frame Capture for NLE More
  Snazzi* IV PCI
Snazzi* DV Premiere Cut Snazzi* DV Premiere Cut    
  • Real Time Preview.
  • Create Broadcast Quality Title Sequence
  • Adobe MPEG Encode and Export to DVD & VCD
  • Current Industry Standard for Streaming Video Production
  • Professional DV Authoring & Motion-Menu with DVD Workshop More
  Snazzi* DV Premiere Cut
Snazzi* III EVO Series Snazzi* III EVO Series    
Snazzi* III EVO Series
Snazzi* III EVO Series Snazzi* EzVCD    
  • Edit hours of home video tapes into fun and entertaining videos
  • Record edited videos back to video tape or CD
  • Send latest videos & snapshots via E-mail
  • Show off your favorite videos & snapshots on personal web site
  • Create a "What We Did Last Year" holiday video
  • CD Create VCD 2.0, playable on PC, iMac, VCD & DVD players More
  Snazzi* EzVCD
Snazzi* 1394 Instant DVD Snazzi* 1394 Instant DVD    
Supports the IEEE 1394 interface standard, also known as Firewire or iLink to connect to the digital camcorder.Create perfect quality DVDs and add astonishing titles in your movies. More

  Snazzi* 1394 Instant DVD
Snazzi* Digital Video Link Snazzi* Digital Video Link    
(PCI Version: SN-1005 PC Card Version: SN - 1005)
Capture videos easily from popular digital DV or D8 camcorders in full screen, full motion Digital Video quality! Edit them, add MP3 or CD-DA music tracks, great transition effects and more! Compatible with FireWire (1394) Peripheral Devices.
  Snazzi* Digital Video Link
Snazzi* Video CD Creator Snazzi* Video CD Creator    
(Create TV Quality MPEG & VCD Titles)
Snazzi Video CD Creator enables you to easily encode your own MPEG Digital creations. You can digitally edit your video cassettes, and put TV quality digital video on your website, in an E-mail, on a CD, or even in your PowerPoint presentation. Most exciting of all, you can produce your own VCD for playing back on VCD/DVD players!
  Snazzi* Video CD Creator

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