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SnazziZone Net cinemA Portal is aimed as a web portal host by V One and supported by it's user base and partners to establish live links to News, Content, Learning Material, Product Information and Supports to bring Internet contents through your Net cinemA to your Home Theatre System. This is a portal for information and entertainment sharing. The more contributions we receive the more can be shared. Please use the suggestion form to submit your ideas and contributions.
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HD Contents

(66 MB)

(58 MB)

Matrix Revolutions
(98 MB)

The Skeleton Key
(100 MB)
Bourne Supremacy
(63 MB)
Home Theatre Contents

War of The Worlds
(14.5 MB)

X Men 3
(16 MB)
Underworld Evolution
(16 MB)
Walk The Line
(14 MB)
Aeon Flux
(7.4 MB)
WMV HD Content

The Living Sea
2:48 min
720p (117 MB)
1080p (153 MB)

2:07 min
720p (99 MB)
1080p (132 MB)
1:31 min
720p (71 MB)
1080p (93 MB)
The Magic of Flight
2:02 min
720p (98 MB)
1080p (126 MB)
Webmaster Notes: This portal is undergoing continuos upgrade and enhancement based on feedbacks we received. Many of the features presented are of advanced development nature based on fast emerging technology deployment and may post certain user inconvnience. We look forward to user for feedback, suggestion and submission of wishlist so that we can give our best effort to improve the functional features.
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