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DVD Formats - Get a clear picture

A0003 Sep-18-2002
How to make a DVD? A0002 Aug-6-2002
How to burn DVD Video with Nero? A0001 Aug-6-2002
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Capturing in DV or in MPEG-1 / MPEG-2 - Which is better? T0003 Sep-16-2002
Can I record mini-CD-R media on my regular CD burner? T0002 Aug-6-2002
For less problem with video capture and video editing T0001 Aug-6-2002
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HWM Magazine
  HWM is an extension of the online IT publication, delivers its quality IT coverage to consumers without convenient Internet access and to IT savvy individuals with hectic schedules such as business IT product purchasers and SOHO/ SME professionals.

With regular new IT product features, news reports, product comparisons, DIY guides, mobile computing reviews, and more articles to keep you abreast of happenings in the industry, HMW is fast establishing itself as the premiere local IT magazine.

Subscription can be made online at

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Training Courses at Snazzi* Authorized Training Centre in Singapore   Aug-6-2002
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