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How to Make a DVD?

Why DVD Creation

DVD once stood for digital video disc or digital versatile disc, but now it just stands for DVD -- the next generation of optical disc storage technology. DVD is essentially a bigger, faster CD that can hold cinema-like video, better-than-CD audio, and computer data. DVD aims to encompass home entertainment, computers, and business information with a single digital format, eventually replacing audio CD, videotape, laserdisc, CD-ROM, and video game cartridges. DVD has widespread support from all major electronics companies, all major computer hardware companies, and all major movie and music studios. With this unprecedented support, DVD has become the most successful consumer electronics product of all time in less than three years of its introduction.

DVD has the capability to produce near-studio-quality video and better-than-CD-quality audio. DVD is vastly superior to consumer videotape and generally better than laserdisc .

Supreme Quality

DVD audio quality is superb. DVD includes the option of PCM (pulse code modulation) digital audio with sampling sizes and rates higher than audio CD. Alternatively, audio for most movies is stored as discrete, multi-channel surround sound using Dolby Digital or DTS audio compression similar to the digital surround sound formats used in theaters. As with video, audio quality depends on how well the processing and encoding was done. In spite of compression, Dolby Digital and DTS can be close to or better than CD quality.

The final assessment of DVD quality is in the hands of consumers. Most viewers consistently rate it better than laserdisc, but no one can guarantee the quality of DVD, just as no one should dismiss it based on demos or hearsay. In the end it's a matter of individual perception and the level of quality delivered by the playback system.

Making DVD is Fun & Easy

Besides making VCD, there is still another world to be explored, the DVD world. Snazzi* Movie Mill also enables you to enter and fill your life with the colours of DVD world also. This appendix sheds light on How To Make DVD using Movie Mill. Let's set out for this!

Step 1 : Encode

You can convert any video clips into DVD video. You can choose to archive your new and old movies/videos taken from a digital video camera or convert your old movies on VHS tapes. You can then convert the video to digital format using your home computer to capture and edit. With a Snazzi* III encoder PCI card/external USB 2.0 unit , you can have the widest variety of choices from camcorders (DV/Hi8/D8 & analogue), TV, VCR, DVD, VCD, and any other composite or S-video sources.

Step 2 : Edit

Once you have successfully convert your movie clips into digital format, here's where the fun & creativity starts! Load your movies using Snazzi* Movie Mill and layout your movie clips in order as sequences. Think of it as creating a storybook with a Start, a Middle and a Finish to your own creation. Add in titles in 3D, your favourite MP3 music, and sound effects for that professional finishing touch … just like a movie director!

Step 3 : Burn

Import your new masterpiece creation into the DVD authoring software, Sonic MyDVD. With MyDVD, you can select styles, create menu and format for recording in DVD quality. Click on Record and that's it! You've just directed and produced your very own high quality DVD movie for years of enjoyment!

Step 4 : Done!

Your DVD video is now ready for viewing. You can now enjoy real home DVD video, all your sentimental and expensive movie and video, on any DVD home entertainment system!

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