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Snazzi* Zone is the info center for Snazzi* users and enthusiasts of video editing

New Products New Products:
Snazzi* DV AVIO
Snazzi* DV. AVIO is a very high quality, internal Analog Video & Audio (AV) and Digital Video (DV) I/O card for the PC.
Snazzi* DV AVIO

SnaZio* Pocket Cinema
Allows you to play video clips or movies in MPEG-1/ MPEG-2 formats on TV or projector through its built-in S-Video/ Composite Video output

SnaZio* Pocket Cinema

Features & Articles Features & Articles:
  DVD Formats - Get a Clear Picture...
  How to make a DVD?
  How to burn DVD video with Nero?

Tips & Tricks Tips & Tricks:
  Capturing in DV or in MPEG1/ MPEG 2 - which one is better?
  Can I record mini CD-R media on my regular CD burner?
  For less problem with video capture and video editing?

Training Course Training Courses:
  Training courses at authorized training center in Singapore

Whats New Whats New:
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11.19.02   V One Multimedia Introduces Snazzi* DV Premiere Cut More..
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